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  • Stop Living In Fear Of How Much You Could Accomplish

    no fear, accomplishment, doubt

    So you’ve decided to leave behind the familiar in place for an adventurous journey that awaits the new entrepreneur. Embarking on a new career trajectory brings with it, an overwhelming amount of mixed emotions. Excitement, relief, fear, anxiety, doubt, random spurts of passion and conviction – you name it. It is not a simple task […]

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  • 4 Ways to Overcome Self-doubt and Gain more Confidence

    confidence, overcome doubt, live happy, believe in myself, get back up after failure, never give up

    We’ve all heard cases of people suffering from self-doubt or a lack of confidence after they have faced a setback in life. The situation can be extremely disturbing. This happened to me multiple times throughout my life and I can say that it is difficult to get out of this phase.  It holds you back […]

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  • What Our Heroes Teach Us About Doubt

    Heroes, Beat Self Doubt, Confidence, Tommy Runfola

    Who’s your hero? What traits come to mind when you think of this person? Brave? Strong? Successful? What about doubt? The words “hero” and “doubt” are rarely paired up and with good reason. Doubt is not something that the people we admire allow to stand in their way. SELF-DOUBT AND HEROES Harry Houdini: during a […]

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