Tommy’s Testimonials

  • “The Way of the Rich” helped me think bigger and double my revenue within 6 months!”

    Larry L., Phoenix, Arizona
  • “After reading The Way of the Rich, I know I can make millions just like the stories in this book. Thank you Tommy, this book is a masterpiece!”

    Christopher C., Amazon Reviewer, Barcelona, Spain
  • “Tommy has such a gift of thinking, writing and speaking intelligently with words everyone can understand. I really love his passion!”

    Jenny M., Sarasota, Florida
  • “You know it’s a winner when you start reading and can’t put it down. I finished The Way of the Rich in one evening. An easy read with fast and simple steps to obtaining more wealth.”

    Melinda I., Tampa, Florida
  • “I’ve always been impressed by Tommy’s passion in every project and venture in which he’s been involved. The Way of the Rich did not disappoint. Tommy has a sincere desire to help others understand the insights of the rich and unleash wealth in our own lives.”

    H. Allen B., Miami, Florida
  • The Way of the Rich is full of eye-opening insights on how to understand the mindset of America’s greatest achievers. Tommy shows us step-by-step ways to help become our best self and ignite our greatest dreams.”

    Bob A., Dublin, Ohio
  • “Tommy is one of the most committed and innovative entrepreneurs I have had the pleasure of knowing over the years. His passion and his ability to always think outside the box has been a foundation to his success. Tommy hit it out of the park with The Way of the Rich. This is a must read for anyone who has struggled with overcoming negative programming of the past and can envision a prosperous future.”

    Emmet A., Columbus, Ohio
  • “I am proud to call Tommy Runfola my friend and fellow business coach. Tommy’s ‘Rags-to-Riches – Multi-Millionaire by age 30’ story is inspiring and captivating! This book is a must-read motivator for every aspiring businessperson, entrepreneur and business coach in the world!”

    Karl B., Leader Publishing Worldwide, “No Results-No Fee”
  • “As a female entrepreneur in my early 30’s, the REAL-LIFE coaching really spoke to me + motivated me to keep going!”

    Jessica B., Seattle, Washington
  • “I’ve been watching Tommy’s videos and first off let me just say WOW!! Tommy comes across as strong, confident, and trustworthy. Lots of power! I really enjoy his messages – they are uplifting & motivating!”

    Lynne S., Ph.D., Michigan