6 QUICK Tips to Face your FEARS head on + WIN!

6 QUICK Tips to Face your FEARS head on + WIN!

If you don’t learn how to face your fear it will grip your mind, body, and spirit. It will wage a war against you and your dreams. Once you understand how you can successfully FACE YOUR FEARS head on + WIN, the fears shrink and are no longer the paralyzing threat they once appeared to be.

REMEMBER: the most successful people are willing to work and move through their fears in order to get where they want to be. So KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE PRIZE!

1. Journal your fear

This has helped me a LOT over the years… Write about your fear and its origin. How has it held you back in the past? Set aside time and without judgment, reflect on what you’ve written. You gain insight and loosen fears grip by observing it. When you write down your fear and take time to analyze it and stare it in the face, the fear loses its power over you.

2. Lean into your fear

Sometimes you have to “JUST DO IT” like Nike ways…DO the things that frighten you. Take one small step, then another. Action builds courage. Tell yourself, “This fear will pass.” Your world expands as your courage and willingness to grow expands. Open up your world, today to face your fear.

3. Relax your body

Pay attention to what your BODY is saying…and then literally tell yourself to CALM DOWN. Unclench your jaw, soften your forehead, open your fists, slow down your pounding heart, and breathe. Take mini relaxation breaks throughout your day. Learn to live in a relaxed state.

4. Journal your past success

We tend to beat ourselves up when we fail and fail to celebrate when we succeed. Strengthen your belief in yourself by reflecting on each decade of your life and every success you’ve experienced. You can begin as early as age five when you learned how to ride a bike. Write it all down. You’ll be inspired, motivated and amazed by your list and how and can be used to face your fear.

5. Laugh at your fear

Make fun of your fear by laughing at it. Really let it rip. Try and see how silly it is to hold back and give your power away to something that isn’t real!

6. Believe in yourself

Focus your attention on being ready, willing, and prepared for the success, joy, wonder, connections, good fortune, and awesome circumstances that are yours if you are willing to work and be open to it. You deserve the best no matter what. Accept that fact about yourself.

These 6 tips may SEEM super simple, and they ARE, but the “magic” is in addressing your fears daily, as they creep up, in the moment, so you remain in control of THEM.  The goal is to RUN YOUR DAY, and not allow your day, your circumstances, or your FEARS, to run you!