Exercise Your Way to Increased Wealth: 6 Steps to Success

Exercise Your Way to Increased Wealth 6 Steps to Success

Ready to take your life and your bank account to the next level? Go for a run. Or you could work out at the gym, take your dog for a walk or do aerobics.


  • We all know the obvious benefits of working out include a healthier body, but a study published in the journal Social Science and Medicine, showed a clear correlation between working out and earning more. The study showed that physically active males earned 14%-17% more than those who were not.


  1. Exercise releases endorphins and thus makes you feel better. When you feel better, you make better decisions.
  2. Exercise reduces stress. Less stress means more focus and increased effectiveness.
  3. Exercise keeps you healthy. Sick days means less productivity.
  4. Exercise can be social and gives you a chance to network.
  5. Exercise requires discipline and focus, which are two key qualities for success in any field.


  1. Value exercise: Often we get busy and the first we think to cut from our lives is exercise; however, that harms your body and your potential. Exercise is not an optional part of your life.
  2. Get a physical: If you want to keep performing at peak potential, start by making sure everything is in working order and talk to your doctor about exercise.
  3. Be realistic: If you hate visiting a gym, don’t feel pressured to run out and get a gym membership. Find something you enjoy doing and that you are currently physically capable of doing.
  4. Start small: If you can only swim one lap at the pool, do it and be proud of it! Don’t compare yourself to others.
  5. Be persistent: Just like with your finances, you can’t expect absurd results after only a week.
  6. Exercise regularly: Being regular with your exercise will clear your mind and give you the healthy body you need for success in all other areas of your life.

Being a success is in your hands every single day. A successful brain needs a successful body!

Exercise Your Way to Increased Wealth: 6 Steps to Success