5 Reasons the Word “Someday” is Curbing Your Success

5 Reasons the Word "Someday" is Curbing Your Success

Guess what? Someday is never coming! That’s right. The “someday” when you plan to take an action step such as start a new business, go back to school, or take your business to the next level isn’t coming. Ever.

So what’s the problem with “someday?” The word itself seems harmless enough and we all say it. But on your pathway to success it could very easily become the very thing that stops your progress and here’s why:

  1. It provides an unhealthy comfort zone. After all, if I’ve promised to take that step towards success “someday” it means I can safely sit down today and do nothing. But the truth about that comfort zone is that it is a trap.
  1. It puts action into the distant future. When exactly is “someday”? Is it tomorrow? Is it twenty years from now? Is it after I retire? When things are in the distant future, steps will most likely never be taken and you’ll continue living the way you are right now at this point in your journey.
  1. It blocks ideas. If you’re waiting for “someday” that means you don’t need new ideas today. You can safely just keep doing what you’re doing.
  1. It changes the priorities in your mind. Your mind is an amazing machine that can do incredible things, but it takes its cues from what you indicate are important and what you’re willing to accept. If you think that a particular dream or goal is better left to “someday” your mind will accommodate that as well.
  1. It belittles your success. The word “someday” basically says that your success isn’t important enough to act on today. It’s not a big deal and ultimately, can wait….you know…until someday. Your dreams deserve respect and the word someday is one of the most disrespectful things you can say on its behalf.

Ban the word SOMEDAY from your vocabulary. Someday isn’t coming. Today is the time to take charge and make your life amazing!

5 Reasons the Word Someday is Curbing Your Success, Tommy Runfola