5 Best Ways to Sell Your Services Over The Phone to New Customers

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So you want to sell a product over the phone.  That’s great!  It can be really tricky to do and the success rate is 50/50. But, with the help of these tips, you should be able to make sales and profits, not mention impress your boss. These tips will surely help you out in getting the attention and the desire of the person you would be talking to on the other line:

Have Confidence

Confidence will always be important, no matter if the call is outbound or inbound. For anybody who buys from you that person has to see you as somebody who is aware of what he or she does. A lot of people are making outbound calls with hesitation or fear in their voice which results in a bad impression of the company they are representing.  It also shows poorly on themselves and the service or product they are selling.

To be confident, you have to make sure that you understand and realize the basics of the service or product that you are selling. Ensure that you will be able to deliver the script you have with that strong tone of your voice. One of the mistakes that people do is to sound very weak and unsure of themselves. It means that the people on the other line will not take them seriously.

Act Natural

You have to be natural in the ears of the persons you are talking to. The usual mistake people make here is that they are reading the script that has been given to them by somebody else that they do not believe in or they do not take the time for learn it. If you are working on a brand new product, service or within a new location, you need to take the time to learn and understand what you are saying.

Many people do not bother to carry this out well enough. But, when you do, you would learn that it begins to sound very natural to them. When you have mastered the words, you start to naturally put your voice inflections & tonality on the script, hence, it will sound more like you – thereby more natural when you sell.

Listen Intently

True listening includes things such as verbal nods, paraphrasing back word said by the other person. It is extremely common in daily social situations, but it is amazing that a lot of people cannot make it happen in terms of a sales scenario.  Listening does not mean that you are hearing what the other person is saying simply so can get back to the script and continue to sell.  Listening intently means that you are taking the time to hear that person and build RAPPORT with them.  There is no short cut to great listening.  Your customers will know when it is genuine and your sales numbers will show that you have mastered it.

Never Assume 

Be careful not to do something that can irritate the person and will put the phone down. You should be careful when you talk and make it seem that you are clueless even when you can already see signs that the customer may decide to buy in the end. Be careful with the words that you say while you try to maintain confidence in the ears of your target customer you want to sell to.  You may know that your product or service is perfect for them but you must let them come to this conclusion on their own so they feel confident about the purchase and do not fall into buyers remorse.

Be Interesting

You have to make the call interesting and the discussion should not evolve all around you trying to sell the product. Rather, choose to make the conversation as if you are just introducing the product or the service.  Important people at the companies you are calling get calls all the time.  They do not want to spend their time listening to the same old boring script.  Yes, you need to stick to the script if that is what is called for but you can use your tone, your voice, and even your body language over the phone to stand out and make the call more interesting.

Hopefully, you have found these tips useful. Good luck!

Being great at making sales and deals over the phone is a sign of a true champion and will change your entire life if you can master these 5 skills.  I know it has changed mine.

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