Unmask Your Fears and Conquer Them


  1. Show Fear and Anxiety That You are a FIGHTER

Fear can be debilitating. Add in an anxiety attack and you may feel helpless and even terrified. Fear and anxiety combined can overtake your mind and your body, if you don’t face it. You’re a fighter, though. Learn how to cope with fear and anxiety to catapult your success, help you to thrive in your personal and professional life and grab hold of the future you envision.

  1. Face It Head First

Avoiding the fear and anxiety you feel in certain situations only masks the problem. When you refuse to face it or even recognize how you are feeling, the effects can make you even more anxious and halt you from moving forward. Spend some time understanding how fear and anxiety can take hold of your overall well-being.

How Fear Affects Your Mind, Body + Soul

  • Fear sends your body and mind strong signals similar to how you feel in an emergency situation. This overwhelming feeling occurs especially in non-dangerous situations, such as when you are speaking in front of a group, taking an exam or interviewing for a new job.
  • Fear and anxiety makes you feel threatened. You may temporarily feel paranoid, as if the entire world is against you and trying to make life difficult.
  • Anxiety can come in waves. For example, it may only last for a few moments one day, yet another day it may last for hours.
  • Fear and anxiety affect your ability to enjoy life, concentrate, sleep, eat or even leave the house. It can stop you from engaging in social activities, too.

Your ability to recognize that you will feel out of sorts can help you to face fear and anxiety with added calmness. Know that this too shall pass.

  1. Uncover the Underlying Problem

Work with a professional to determine why your fear exists. The more you learn about yourself, your triggers and your responses to stress, the more likely you can halt strong emotional feelings when you feel as if an anxiety or panic attack is on the horizon. Mark down any events or behaviors that you notice when you start to feel anxious. Carrying a list with you may help you to keep track.

  1. Engage in Exercise

Cope with fear and anxiety by increasing your physical activity. Certain sports or physical activities require concentration, which also helps keep your mind off of your fears. Yoga is one of the most popular exercises people suffering from anxiety engage in because they are required to clear their minds and concentrate fully on movements.

  1. Practice Relaxation Techniques

Something as simple as taking a deep breath or dropping your shoulders for a pause from life can help you to relax. Shower yourself with positive thoughts and affirmations and visualize your success when relaxing to slow down your mind.

  1. Regulate Your Breathing

How you breathe can drastically affect how your body responds to fear and stress. When you start feeling afraid or anxious, stop in your tracks and focus on your breathing. Take a breath in for approximately seven seconds and then slowly breathe out for 11 seconds. The 7/11 method of breathing allows you to refocus your concentration while also calming your physical ailments.

  1. Let Your Imagination Thrive

Creative ventures can help take your mind off what makes you fearful. Engage in projects that help you to use a different side of your brain. For example, embark on a new business opportunity, create a blog or market items you craft at home.

Show fear and anxiety that you have the fight in you to live a productive and prosperous life. You are a fighter and have it in you to succeed. Contact me for more information on how to keep WINNING at life.