Forgiveness: 8 Steps to Free Yourself for Success

Forgiveness: 8 Steps to Free Yourself for Success

Forgiveness may not seem like it fits with the idea of success and wealth management, but it does. Holding a grudge has been proven to negatively impact the human body and mind. It causes toxins to build up in our brains and spread throughout the rest of the body.

If your mind and body are being polluted, how can you expect to make appropriate decisions about your wealth?   So if you find yourself holding a grudge, remember that it’s in your best interest physically, mentally, AND financially to take a few active steps:

  1. Write down the situation. In as much detail as possible write it all out. Use any kind of language you want and write in all caps if it helps. Then wait a few days and re-read it. Shred it into pieces.
  1. Take inventory of your body. How does thinking about your grudge make you physically feel? This is a sign of how it is damaging your body and also will be the cue as to whether or not you have forgiven the other person as time progresses.
  1. Count the cost. If someone has wronged you, by holding a grudge you allow them to continue causing you pain. What are you losing on a regular basis due to this grudge? Being unhappy and physically destroying your body doesn’t accomplish anything.
  1. Release yourself from the belief that there are “winners” and “losers” in personal conflicts. Painful situations take a toll on all parties involved and holding a grudge does not make you a winner.
  1. Be aware that forgiving is NOT forgetting. You do need to forgive others, but you do not need to forget. If someone has caused you pain, you are still free to remove them from your life and make the decision to never allow them in again.
  1. It takes time and practice to truly forgive. Even though holding a grudge is unhealthy, don’t be harsh with yourself if it takes some time. Grieve what you have lost, but keep focusing on finding peace.
  1. Meditation has been practiced by successful people for centuries. Meditation can take many forms, including prayer. I recommend it on a daily basis anyway, but when you are in the process of trying to forgive don’t hesitate to slip away somewhere to clear your mind and deep breathe. Even if it is just for 2 minutes here or there.
  1. Focus on the fact that you deserve success. Every time you are tempted to rant and rave about what this other person has done to you, remember that this just pushes you farther from your dreams.

Forgive and find the freedom to be successful!

Forgiveness: 8 Steps to Free Yourself for Success, Tommy Runfola