Gain Confidence and CHANGE Your Personal and Professional Life

Gain Confidence and CHANGE Your Personal and Professional Life


A lack of confidence can easily stop you from pursuing your dreamsWhen you lack confidence, fear takes over and grips you until you are no longer able or interested in taking risks or seizing opportunities. Boost your confidence, and ultimately your personal and professional success, with these tips:

  1. Focus on Positive Thoughts…

Optimism can drastically enhance your happiness and your drive. Instead of focusing on your weaknesses or past failures, consider your glass half full starting now. Replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations. Remind yourself of your abilities, skills and successes so you can take on any type of venture with confidence.

  1. Start With Preparation…

Many times, people feel less confidence when they are unprepared for an opportunity. Whether you are prepping for a job interview or seeking to take on a personal challenge, the more prepared you are to complete the task, the better you will perform. With a little preparation, you can also increase your confidence and approach the task seamlessly and with ease.

  1. Stand Tall and Proud

It may seem like such a little thing to focus on posture, but how you carry yourself can impact your confidence. Straighten up, stand tall and show off your confident stature when meeting new people or presenting information. Body language speaks volumes and you want your body language to communicate that you are knowledgeable, proud and confident.

  1. Improve Your Skill Set

If you are feeling inadequate on or off the job, your confidence truly plummets. Avoid dwelling in self-doubt by enhancing your skills. Meet with a mentor to discuss areas where you need to improve yourself personally or professionally and take action. If you want to gain proficiency in a particular subject, hire a tutor to further your knowledge. Take a class at a local college to learn more skills for your professional career. Knowledge is power and a feeling of power leads to a more confident nature.

  1. Focus on Solution-Based Problem Solving

It’s tempting to focus more on problems you are experiencing; however, when you consume yourself with negative self talk or drown in self pity, you are only pulling yourself downward. Instead, focus on solutions so you have a clear goal in mind. Detail steps you can take to bring the solution to fruition and enjoy the satisfaction (and confidence) that comes from knowing you are a strategic problem solver.

  1. Get Moving

Many times, a lack of confidence stems from how you feel about your body or physical health. Get your brain and your body moving by adding exercise to your daily routine. Even a brief walk on your lunch hour or a morning jog helps to get your creative juices flowing and your heart pumping at a faster rate. The energy that results from regular exercise may be just what you need to boost your confidence, and any weight loss or toning that results may have you grinning in the mirror more often.

  1. Tackle the Small Jobs First

A large household project or business venture can seem daunting at first, causing you to doubt your abilities. Break up the tasks of the job into small steps so you can feel accomplished when the tasks are complete. Make a list of steps you must take to complete each action item, too, so you feel as if you are moving forward through every phase of the project.

  1. Venture Outside of Your Comfort Zone

If you find yourself complacent at home or work, it may be time to take some risks. Seek out ways to step outside of your comfort zone. For example, if you have been wanting to try a new hobby, but have been hesitant because of confidence, take the plunge. Know that you can’t fail if you continue trying.

Confidence is crucial for success, which is why when you consciously take action to improve your overall well-being, you can also boost your confidence and accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible. Learn more ways to improve your life and win at life by contacting me today.

Gain Confidence and CHANGE Your Personal and Professional Life 8 WAYS TO GAIN CONFIDENCE + KEEP IT FOREVER, Tommy Runfola