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8 Ways Confidence Will Change You Forever!

Your confidence level significantly impacts how you pursue your dreams, perform on the job and develop relationships in your personal life. If you find yourself facing a lack of confidence, it’s likely you are not on the path to success. See how boosting your confidence can boost your happiness, ultimately leading you on a path that is all about WINNING.

  1. Confidence is Motivating:

When you are feeling confident, you have the drive to take risks, act on your ideas and see projects through to completion. Shyness and doubt is swept under the rug and your motivation skyrockets. With motivation driving everything you do in your personal and professional life, you are unstoppable.

  1. Confidence Gives You Courage:

It’s common to feel defeated when someone strikes down your ideas or even your dreams. When your confidence is soaring, though, you are more likely to stand up for yourself and FIGHT for what you believe in. Confidence gives you the courage to make sure you are heard when others try to shut you down.

  1. Confidence Inspires You to Say “Yes”:

When your confidence is lacking, the temptation to shy away from opportunities is inevitable. When you feel confident in your talents, skills and abilities, you are more likely to say “yes” when your boss is seeking a leader or someone in the community needs a volunteer to spearhead a new venture. Your confidence communicates that you are worth it – and you are.

  1. Confidence Sets the Bar High:

You can aim high and set your goals at a level worthy of your abilities when your confidence is high. Confident people don’t settle for mediocre results. Instead, you keep pushing yourself to accomplish what you know you can do when you are confident, which ultimately leads to meeting and exceeding your expectations.

  1. Confidence Pushes You to Test Your Limits:

When overcome with fear, you may resist the urge to take risks or volunteer for more responsibility. Confident people do just the opposite. You can test your limits because you believe in yourself. With a winning attitude, you know that if you don’t try, you’ll regret it. Confidence is at the core of this way of thinking.

  1. Confidence Tells You When to Say “No”:

People who are confident, eager and motivated are often viewed as the only ones who can make things happen. However, if you are confident, then you know what you can handle and what you can’t when it comes to overloading your schedule. Confident people know when to tell others “no” with grace so they can focus on their priorities.

  1. Confidence Helps You Overcome Fear:

It’s no secret that fear can paralyze you and influence your performance – both professionally and personally. Confidence, though, eliminates fear and allows you to venture into the unknown. When you believe in your abilities, you can face your fears head on and wipe out any self-doubt that creeps in.

  1. Confidence Promotes Winning:

Winning is the only option when you are feeling confident. It doesn’t matter if you are faced with financial issues, workplace challenges or personal obstacles, confidence pushes you to win, solve problems and resolve issues without any hesitation. You’re not afraid to ask questions, seek out innovative ways to problem solve or rely on others to guide you through any challenges.

While it is unlikely you will feel confident every single moment of every single day, recognizing that confidence is the key to happiness, can help you to overcome self-doubt and succeed. WIN at life with confidence right beside you. Learn how to be a FIGHTER, just like I did. Contact me today to continue WINNING at everything you do.

Confidence, Success, Tommy Runfola