How to NOT get Distracted off of your TOP PRIORITIES

How to NOT get Distracted off of your TOP PRIORITIES

How do you KNOW if you are FOCUSED on what REALLY MATTERS to your goals on a daily basis?

Do you carve out sufficient time to reflect on your distinctive competencies and determine the critical tasks at which you need to excel in order to build your company?

Have you selected the top 3 to 5 priorities and do you regularly communicate them to your team?

I’ve found that the KEY to being GOAL ORIENTED DAILY is to target your TOP PRIORITY tasks that you must do extremely well daily, and then make sure everyone on your team knows what they are.

We all have 24 hours in a day. It’s not like the people who build successful businesses, meditate, do yoga, write books, or travel got lucky and were given 27 hours a day. They’ve just focused on their priorities, and made some sacrifices to have the time to focus on their highest priorities, and what is important to them.

Tune into your inner guidance to determine what your priorities are now. You don’t need to be super specific here and set measurable goals or anything (unless you want to). Just be sure you take some time to figure out what is important to you now and moving forward.

Take some time to do this, and put into writing your top three priorities right now.

When you know your priorities, it makes decision making simple. If you have the option to attend a party, but you’re not sure if you really want to go, check in with what is important to you.

Every small business owner knows that it takes never-ending effort and constant work to build a successful company. There are so many things to do, and only so many hours in a day! But you can’t allow yourself to become too busy to focus on the most important tasks.

Many entrepreneurs find themselves in a situation where they feel swamped with stuff. If someone asks you what you do to market your business and get more customers, and you find yourself answering, “I’m just too busy to worry about that right now,” then it’s time to reevaluate your priorities.

REMEMBER: Each task associated with your business is important. But nothing is more important than generating sales by finding new customers and getting your existing customers to come back to buy more. You can have everything else right, but if you don’t have customers then you don’t have a business!